Ordinances of the Social and Economic Sciences Center

The Ordinances issued by CSE’s Directorate are available to the Community through UFSC’s Institutional Repository (RI).

Go to: https://repositorio.ufsc.br/handle/123456789/98299 (available in portuguese only)

At UFSC’s Institutional Repository (RI), you can access the content, download files, and perform customized searches through the Repository’s Search Filters.

Ordinances CCN UFSC

Ordinance No. 001/CCN/2023

Ordinance No. 002/CCN/2023

Ordinance No. 06/2023/CCN

Ordinance No. 06/2023/CCN – Rectification

Ordinance No. 07/2023/CCN

Ordinance No. 08/2023/CCN

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